CMR’s “Courageous Conversations”

McMorris Rodgers tells Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” we must have “courageous conversations.” Watch the video at the House Republicans’ propaganda site here.

Dear Group,

McMorris Rodgers says, “We certainly need to be willing to have the courageous conversations.” She says the United States must come together as a society and examine what is causing the nation’s numerous school shootings. One might think that a “courageous conversation” around shootings in schools might include a discussion of the tools used in these shootings. Ah, well, no.

You see, she isn’t just “protecting Second Amendment rights.” She is actively promoting the agenda of the National Rifle Association to make guns even more a part of life in these United States. At the Ferris “School Safety Forum,” guns, especially assault weaponry, were the elephant in the room. McMorris Rodgers and Ozzie Knezovich wanted more than anything NOT to talk about guns. They wanted to talk about school security and students being nice to each other while reporting any odd behavior by their peers. They wanted to put the responsibility for school violence on the students themselves, their interactions with their fellow students, their supposed addiction to violent video games. 

At the same forum, McMorris Rodgers was steadfast that she would continue to accept contributions from the NRA because “the NRA protects your Second Amendment rights.” 

I am a gun owner. I have been involved in shooting sports and hunting since I was ten. I’m OK with my “Second Amendment Rights,” I do not believe anyone is about to take my guns away. I am NOT OK with reckless expansion of those rights to make our society even more dangerously armed. How can McMorris Rodgers gush about protecting children when she votes to put more people on the streets of Spokane with unregulated handguns and cosponsors a bill to de-regulate silencers? Yet that is preciously what she has done:

On December 6, 2017, McMorris Rodgers voted for H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017. It passed on a mostly party line vote by the Republican House of Representatives. H.R. 38 would make it perfectly legal for a 21 year old Idahoan to stick a semi-automatic pistol in his waist band, pull his sweatshirt down over it, and wander the streets of Spokane. He could do so on a whim, with no prior experience handling such a weapon, no forethought, and no need to acquire a WA State Concealed Pistol License required of a WA State Resident. [Residents of eight other States besides Idaho require no vetting at all to carry a concealed pistol, thanks to the Republican/NRA sponsored legislation. (“Concealed Carry in the United States,”  

On March 27, 2017, McMorris Rodgers co-sponsored H.R. 367, the deceptively named “Hearing Protection Act. If H.R. 367 becomes law, it will remove all regulation of gun silencers under the National Firearms Act of 1934. Shooters would be free to own and use silencers to reduce the sound of any gun, including assault weapons and semi-automatic pistols of the type used at Freeman High School. A deranged shooter in a school using such a device on any weapon would be less noticed initially and harder to localize by police. More victims would die. 

Cathy, tell me how these two NRA darling bills you support will make students safer.

Tell me why you and your cronies call it the “Hearing Protection Act?” Do you not wish the average eastern Washington voter to know you want shooters to have unrestricted access to silencers?

Do you even understand the contents of these bills or have you signed on just because the NRA demands such loyalty in exchange for supportive propaganda?

Yes, Cathy, let’s have that “courageous conversation.” Have the courage to plainly discuss the gun legislation you support. 

Keep to the high ground,