James Allsup–GOP Precinct Officer

Dear Group,

Today I defer to Shawn Vestal’s article in the Spokesman from Wednesday, June 6th. It concerns James Allsup, an enthusiastic attendee of the Charlottesville torchlight parade, former President of the WSU College Republicans, current GOP Precinct Committee Officer in Whitman County, “Identitarian” and recent speaker at Identity Evropa. This is the supposedly respectable version of what in my youth was called, plainly and simply, a Nazi. That, of course, was a time when many were still alive and walked among us who fought to free the world from such people and their ideas. Today, In an era in which we have a President who refuses to explicitly denounce these people (for fear of losing his base?), we need to pay special attention to the folks his movement would vilify, deport, or worse. So come out on Saturday before you go canvassing (see above) and celebrate some of the diversity Mr. Allsup would love to quash for the sake of his sense of purity.

Keep to the high ground,