LB/CMR in The Atlantic…and More

Dear Group,

With sixty-one days to go until the General Election on November 6, I offer links to two of my favorite articles from this week.

The first appeared in The Atlantic on Labor Day. It is entitled “The Republican Leadership Member Most Likely to Lose.” It features our very own CD5 Rep and leads off with a great photograph McMorris Rodgers and Paul Ryan. The article is well worth the time to read before rolling up your sleeves, screwing up your courage, signing up, and going out with a group to knock on doors. (Scroll down and click the “Canvassing Links” in Calendar below). There is more than enough evidence this election will be won based on face-to-face, door-by-door conversations.

The second article “It’s not about Kavanaugh’s judicial philosophy” appeared on the opinion page of the Spokesman last Tuesday, September 4. The author is Max Boot, a conservative commentator and thinker worth reading.

I disagree with Boot’s conclusion that “…Trump has every right to appoint a justice who will reflect the preferences of his base.” Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party abdicated any “right” to this appointment when they stiffed Merrick Garland and trashed the filibuster for Supreme Court appointments to approve Neil Gorsuch. That said, Boot’s article is worth reading for it’s takedown of the Republican/Libertarian disingenuous talking points about “originalism” and “judicial activism.” It is past time to lay those ideas to rest. Boot does so incisively.

The prize for Mitch McConnell and the Republican/Libertarians is achieving a laissez-faire capitalist majority on the Supreme Court. With Kavanaugh the Court will lean heavily business and capitalist friendly for decades. 

This illicit Libertarian political takeover of the Court raises the importance of the midterm and 2020 elections. Until 2020 the only protection we can offer the democratic process is to change the Congress, a body now composed of a majority of Trump sycophants anxious to please him as long as he is useful in supporting their ideology. These sycophants, our  CD5 sycophant included, need to go.

We have an historic opportunity this November in eastern Washington to register our disapproval of Trump’s autocratic tendencies and the Republicans who support him. Don’t wake up on November 7 wishing you had done just a little more… Join the door-knockers this weekend.

Back on Monday. See you on the sidewalks.

Keep to the high ground,