Primary Nuts and Bolts

The date, format, and significance of the Washington State Presidential Primary are new this year. Do you ever experience a twinge of angst when you fill out your ballot? Have ever asked yourself, “What if I make a mistake? Will my ballot get counted or will someone see it to pitch it out? Will they come for me if I do it incorrectly?” Concerns like these probably cause some folks to put off getting it done until it is too late.

With these in mind, some civic-minded folks have put together a youtube video I think is worth watching and sharing. Here’s the link:

People take in information in different ways. We’re visual creatures. A video, especially for someone unfamiliar with a new process, can be very useful.

Three take-aways:

1) Not only do you need to sign the Return Envelope (like you do each time you vote in our State system), but you also need to check mark on that envelope whether you’re casting your vote as a Democrat or a Republican. That’s important. If you don’t choose, your vote won’t count. (No independents or other political parties have filed to run in this Primary.)

2) If you’re voting as a Democrat, consider waiting to mark your ballot until Wednesday, March 4, and checking to make sure your favorite candidate has not dropped out or faired really poorly during the Super Tuesday voting.

3) The due date for ballot turn or postmarking in Washington State is Tuesday, March 10, at 8PM. Be sure to vote!

Share this information. I am consistently amazed by what I don’t know, and, by extension, what a lot of other folks probably don’t know either. Talk it up. Share the video.

Keep to the high ground,