Subscribe to these Emails–I’m taking a breather

I have to take a breather. Please mark your calendar and look for my MWF email to return at 5AM on Monday, March 23rd. I have had a number of people conclude that I had quit writing when their email application started sending my Indivisible Email to a Junk or Promo. If in doubt, feel free to email me by Replying to any one of my emails. There is much going on in eastern Washington and northern Idaho that I will try to catch up with when I return.

I recommend signing up for and reading Letters from an American by Heather Cox Richardson and The Weekly Sift written by Doug Muder. Both are excellent. Both are incisive and thoughtful. Both write because they feel compelled by circumstance.

Doug Muder’s The Weekly Sift comes out every Monday morning. He provides a summary and sober analysis of the past week’s news (complete with links) that I am unable to find anywhere else. I look forward to reading this every Monday.

Heather Cox Richardson is a history professor at Boston College with an encyclopedic knowledge of American history and politics. She writes Letters from an American daily. It is the first thing I read in the morning.

Both Muder and Richardson cover mostly national (and some international news). Please visit there websites, read some and then go through the two step process to sign up. Here are the raw links:

Everybody take a deep breath. We need to stick together and involved as we approach this fall’s election. Keep engaged.

Keep to the high ground,