A full day of hunting, picking, and processing huckleberries in the Selkirks yesterday derailed my best intentions for writing an email for this morning. Time for a day off. 

Besides reading a wide variety of newspapers and periodicals I look forward to reading several email blogs to which I subscribe:

The Weekly Sift, written by Doug Muder, comes out as two or three separate emails each Monday morning that summarize and offer perspective on the last week’s news. 

Letter From an American, written by Professor of History Heather Cox Richardson, comes out nearly every day late in the evening. 

Popular Information, by Judd Legum, features independent reporting, often on the media and on money in politics, comes out irregularly.

Update From an Epidemic, written by Betsy Brown, M.D., a family physician in Seattle with research experience and a particular interest in infectious disease, comes out most days. To subscribe go to and enter your email near the bottom of the page.

I value all four of these emails for the perspective and for the links they offer. I encourage you to check them out. 

Back on Wednesday.

Keep to the high ground,