Followup on Spokane County GOP’s NWGrassroots

Dear Group,

The Spokesman reported yesterday that Cecily Wright, Chairwoman of the Spokane County Republican Party, resigned in response to her exposure on a youtube video warmly welcoming James Allsup at a NWGrassroots gathering on July 11. Earlier, she had repudiated Allsup’s views for the purposes of a press interview. Spokane Valley Mayor Rod Higgins and Spokane County Treasurer Rob Chase (currently running for County Commissioner against Mary Kuney) were also in attendance at the tight little gathering of about fifty. The virtues of filling positions in the Republican Party to advance white supremacist doctrine were discussed and applauded. Higgins and Chase ought to consider resigning, too. 

Cecily Wright (not Stephanie Cates as I previously reported) was also the Chairwoman of the Spokane County Republican Party at the time of the Lincoln Day Dinner on June 2 where McMorris Rodgers and Jason Chaffetz spoke and an assault weapon was auctioned off. That contradicted the promise of the previous Chairwoman, Stephanie Cates, that they would not auction off “an AR-15.” (“AR-15” is common parlance for an assault rifle. The  M&P®15 SPORT™ II they auctioned is just an “AR-15” by another name.)

What has the local Republican Party become? It is certainly not the Republican Party of my parents. Abraham Lincoln, the founder of something then called the “Republican Party,” would weep to see what we have here. That the locals appropriate his name for their “Lincoln Day” Dinner mades me a bit ill to contemplate. What would the man who issued the Emancipation Proclamation think of NWGrassroots?

On that note, let us turn away and enjoy the weekend. There is much to do, much to enjoy. Be sure to vote. We still have that…

Keep to the high ground,