The Debate. Were Minds Changed?

Dear Group,

Last evening the first of four scheduled debates was held. The first hour was broadcast live from the Bing theater on KHQ. For another half hour after the broadcast the candidates took questions from among those video recorded a little earlier. The theater was packed. I venture there were very few in attendance whose mind wasn’t already made up, and fewer still whose minds were changed. Some who watched on television were perhaps less partisan.

Both candidates acquitted themselves well with no memorable stumbles. 

This debate and the three that will follow are important, but do not make the mistake of thinking the applause heard tonight is indicative. This election will be won by convincing Democratic voters who don’t usually vote in the midterms to cast ballots this November. That will take knocking on doors and phone banking.

Come on out with Indivisible this Sunday or Monday (see details above) or connect with the canvassing links in the Calendar section below. There are door knocking events every day until November 6. Don’t wake up on the 7th wondering if you could have done more…

Keep to the high ground,