Canvass!…and More

Dear Group,

Lisa Brown and all the excellent local Democrats who have stepped up and run will win in the upcoming election if people who are Democrats and Democratic leaners cast a ballot, if the discouraged, disadvantaged voters vote. You might imagine that everyone in Eastern Washington is up to speed. Read on.

Below are series of actual answers I’ve received in response to the following question I’ve been told to ask of people on their doorstep: “Are you going to vote by November 6th? Have you received your ballot?”:

“I’m not political, I guess I’m a registered voter but I never vote.”

“I don’t vote. It is just too discouraging. They’re all a bunch of crooks.”

“I never vote. I guess that was my ballot i burned in the stove last night.”

“I don’t know enough to vote. I don’t have time. I don’t read the paper and I can’t bear to watch TV.”

My favorite response was from a nineteen year old outside the East Central Public Library with whom I struck up a conversation about my car: “Who is Lisa Brown, anyway?’

I responded, “She’s running against Cathy McMorris Rodgers for Congress.”

“That one! Really? I can’t stand her. Ya, I’ll vote. I didn’t know that was this election.”

There’s a Burma Shave-like string of signs along Rockwood boulevard in a yard with Lisa Brown signs and Halloween decorations that expresses how these responses make me feel: I…Want…To…Scream! But I don’t scream. Instead, I tell them why I’m knocking on doors this election for the first time in my life, how I was really angry when McMorris Rogers kept voting to take away the health care insurance that had allowed me to help people keep their sight, how I’ve met Lisa Brown numerous times and I’m convinced she’s the real deal, that she can get started fixing our broken government and our hideous uncivil discourse. I explain how easy it is to vote, how a stamp isn’t necessary, how for your ballot to count for something you really to vote for at least one candidate; you don’t have to make all thirty-some choices. 

I’m pretty sure I’ve made headway with a lot of these people. With some I’ve actually helped them go through the process with the envelopes and signature and explained the phone number is optional, but might be used if the Auditor’s office has a question. I am sure I am making a difference, even if my personal numbers are small. There are many of us, but if there is to be a comfortable margin on election night that won’t evaporate as the last minute returns come in, we need more. You can canvass, too. It’s not hard. Nobody bites. So come out with Spokane Indivisible on Saturday and Sunday (see the box above for details) Or come on down to 1507 E Sprague, get a short training, go out with an experienced canvasser. Here’s the link. If you have smartphone, bring it. They’re useful. There are plenty of selected doors to knock. Time and energy will run out first. We’ll only know if it was enough after the votes are counted. Swing elections are always close. Remember Nethercutt changed regimes in eastern Washington in 1994 by only 4,000 votes out of 200,000 cast.

Matt Shea and Legislative District 4 (Spokane Valley Plus) Addendum:

I wrote about the Ted Cummings, Matt Shea race in LD4 yesterday. Many readers responded. Many posted the article, many passed it on. One reader was kind enough to point out an article on Matt Shea that appeared in Rolling Stone on October 23. It is definitely worth the time to read and share. Eastern Washington and north Idaho are making national news again, and Matt Shea’s reign risks making us a laughing stock. Just a couple nuggets from the article:

Ozzie Knezovich is memorably quoted therein, “The day that we stop caring about the character of our elected officials is the day this democracy is over,” he told me. “It’s the end of the republic.” I agree completely.

Ted Cummings, to his great credit, came to the Spokane Liberty/Second Amendment Rally in August (probably in Clark Park up Division) the author starts out by describing…and he spoke. He spoke truth: “I believe in our government, I believe in our police force over here, I believe in you, I don’t see danger in America, and Mr. Shea seems to see fear wherever he looks.”

Remember, as the Rolling Stone reminds us, and the Spokesman chronicled: McMorris Rodgers sought and accepted the endorsement of Mr. Shea. Ozzie Knezovich’s response: “Matt Shea is a cancer, and the things that he has done has done nothing but divide this county, and this nation. There’s not a vote worth having his name associated with mine.” That ought to tell us something about McMorris Rodgers, too.

Finally, The Spokesman Endorsement:

Tucked away on the Opinion page in the Business Section of the Sunday, October 21, Spokesman review was the “editorial endorsement” of “CMR.” Needless to say, I disagree. One might wonder at whose decision and whose writing this was since the Editorial Board of the Spokesman used to consist of Stacey Cowles, Burt Caldwell, and Gary Crooks. The latter two have left the paper. Why did Stacey Cowles not simply sign the article? As far as I can tell he did not consult with any of the rest of his staff. I know a number of people who have canceled their subscriptions in protest. 

Back in 1994 the Editors backed Tom Foley, who, as you know, lost to George Nethercutt that year. The paper also backed Andy Dunau against Breean Beggs for City Council recently. May Mr. Cowles endorsement of “CMR” suffer the same fate. I know I am doing everything in my power to make it so.

Keep to the high ground,