Green (D) and Konis (R), Clear Choices

Dear Group,

There are two candidates for technical seats in Spokane County who really stand out as examples of expertise over politics, two men who are applying jobs for which they have all the right credentials, competing with partisans who do not. If voting were more like applying for a job, these two would be shoo-ins. 

Tom Konis is a moderate Republican running for Spokane County Assessor. He has worked many years in the Assessor’s office. He has all the technical qualifications, expertise, and experience one could ask for. He is endorsed by the retiring Spokane County Assessor, Vicki Horton. (I cannot even tell you, nor was I able to easily find out, which party Vicki Horton “prefers.” That is how non-partisan this office should be.) The fact that Tom Konis “Prefers Republican Party” is purely incidental to his qualifications and desire to serve. Tom Konis has not spent his life running for public office. His opponent, Mr. Christian, on the other hand, is a Republican politician and a real estate broker who lacks Mr Konis’ experience and has dabbled for years in the moderate end of local Republican Party politics. My faith in democracy would undergo a partial restoration if the voters choose Tom Konis. (It fascinates me…and makes me angry and a little sick to my stomach…that WeBelieveWeVote weighs in favor of the less qualified candidate based on criteria that have absolutely nothing to do with the job. If you’re curious, click the link and then the blue level of “alignment” comment following their names.)

David Green is running for Spokane County Treasurer. In a piece entitled “Expertise or Ideology” I have written about this race before. David Green is a certified public accountant with decades of expertise in finance. If he were applying for this job solely on the basis of qualifications he would barely need to show up for the job interview.. His opponent is an unqualified, belligerent Republican political climber (M. Baumgartner) likely to use a position as Treasurer simply as a springboard to another office. His campaign emails alone are enough to make a reasonable person ill. If you have any doubt of that, read “An Election for County Treasurer…or a ‘Knife Fight’?.” 

I urge you to tell everyone who might listen to vote for David Green for Treasurer and Tom Konis for Assessor of Spokane County. Please help restore my waning faith in the american voter. Don’t let David Green and Tom Konis get lost in down ballot incidentals (among the thirty-three races and issues). These are important posts for the function of our local government. Don’t let them go to the manifestly unqualified.

Keep to the high ground,


P.S. Taking the time to check out the fundraising of these candidates at the Public Disclosure Commission (a very useful resource) points up something interesting: the Spokane Association of Realtors donated to $1000 to Tom Konis’ campaign and none to his opponent despite the opponent being a realtor. I think there is a message here.

P.P.S. David Green’s opponent, Michael Baumgartner, has two large campaign, one as LD6 State Senator (a position for which he continued to solicit funds even after he knew he was stepping down) and another campaign war chest to use in the Spokane County Treasurer race. You can see who has contributed here and here. With all this money he hopes to steamroll his way to Spokane County Treasurer and beyond. Don’t let him get away with it. Vote for David Green, the qualified candidate.