Ted Cummings, Shea and the Spokesman

Dear Group,

Last Sunday, October 28, Stacey Cowles (He was not named, but we must assume it was he, since Mr. Cowles is the only remaining member of the Editorial Board of the Spokesman Review) published “Our Election Preference” in the left hand column of the Opinion Page in the Business Section. (Note the peculiar use of the possessive pronoun “our” in the manner of royalty [or quoting God]) There was much therein with which I fervently disagree, but with none more so than his bland statement on Legislative District 4, Position 1, for which Mr. Cowles wrote simply “No endorsement.” With those two words he spoke volumes about his values.

Orientation: Legislative District 4 is the City of Spokane Valley and points north. (For a great map, click here.) Position 1 in LD4 is currently occupied by a man, Matt Shea, about whom much has been written. (Read here in my archives, or in a recent Spokesman article, or in the national magazine Rolling Stone, or just google ‘Matt Shea Spokane’)

That Stacey Cowles, representing the entire Spokesman Review, cannot bring himself to endorse Shea’s opponent is, in my opinion, an act of moral cowardice. The same day as the preferences were published, Ted Cummings’ campaign fund, Friends of Ted Cummings, paid good money to the Spokesman to publish the letter I’ve reproduced below. It deserves widespread dissemination as the writing of the sort of person I want as my neighbor AND a person I would want to represent me in Olympia. 

Mr. Cowles knows what Matt Shea is and must understand the danger he represents. Mr. Cowles also knows the power of incumbency, so he is playing it safe rather than stir up this angry man, Mr. Shea, who is currently in office.

Read Ted Cummings’ letter and see if you agree:

Hello, my name isTed Cummings, I am running for state representative in the 4th LD. I recently had a debate with the incumbent and I have lived with a gnawing sense that I missed an opportunity to really contrast the dramatic differences between myself and Mr. Shea.

I am proud to share that I am a devout Catholic, but in saying that, I readily declare that as a state representative I would never impose my personal religious views on anyone. I believe my words and actions should be a testimony of my faith and I will leave everyone else to believe or not believe what they choose, without judgment from me.

In my opinion,The God and Jesus that Matt Shea speaks of are not the same God and Jesus that I believe in because I find no acts of love or charity in Matt’s words.

In my opinion the freedom Matt speaks of sounds like Tyranny to me.

In my opinion the patriotism Matt favors, I believe to be sedition and fascism.

In my opinion what Matt sees as free speech, I view many of his comments as hate speech.

I revere and honor journalism and know a free and respected press is essential to our country remaining free and informed.

I have been accused of being too “far to the left of the majority of the district’s voters” (October 18th Spokesman-Review Editorial “No Good Choices in the 4th) so help me understand why someone would say that. I mowed lawns and delivered papers as a child, I began W2 earnings and filing income tax returns when I turned sixteen and I have worked continually since that age. I registered to vote as soon as I was legally able and have voted regularly all my life. I eagerly and proudly registered for the draft as soon as possible when it was reinstated and to this day I will defend my country against all threats foreign and domestic.

I have been happily and faithfully married to the same woman for 37 years and I have worked for the same company for 30.

I have never been charged or arrested for a crime, I have never filed for bankruptcy and I have always paid my bills and lived within my means. My wife and I have paid our house and land off early and are debt free. Due to my union membership, I have a pension and a 401k and have responsibly prepared for retirement and old age, so as not to be a burden on anyone. I have always paid my taxes, until I began this campaign I attended Mass regularly. I proudly stand for the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem. I hunt with a rifle and a bow and respect the rights of others to do the same, I take care of my family, friends and neighbors, I have donated blood for years. I feed, water and shelter my animals before I feed myself.

I have never abused my wife or any woman; I have never waved a gun at someone or engaged in road rage. I have never been removed or fired from a job. I have never been sued for defaming a Sheriff’s deputy.

It is my personal belief that this campaign is about combatting someone I believe to be dangerous in many ways and seeks to possibly undermine our government and hurt our community.

To me there is nothing more quintessentially American than to stand up for and defend the young, the elderly, the veteran, the sick, the homeless, the weak, the different, the addict and yes, the immigrant. I will always defend those who can’t stand for themselves and I ask that you stand with me.

Please vote forTed Cummings and send the message to the nation that we believe in our country and our government and that hate, fear and intolerance have no home in Eastern Washington.

Thank you for your consideration, God bless America and God bless us, everyone.


Ted Cummings

Democratic Candidate for State Representative Position 1

Paid for by Friends of Ted Cummings PO Box 577 Colbert WA 99005 www.tedforwashington.com

Ted’s letter expresses values I share. I suppose I’m still a little naive, but as I read this letter it reminded me of one of the great movies of all time, Frank Capra’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), a reference I’m sure is lost on many who really ought to see it. When you get your ballot, mark it for Ted Cummings AND for Mary May, a capable candidate running against McCaslin Junior, a man follows Shea regardless of his late father’s warning.

Get out and canvass!

Keep to the high ground,