Impeachment Coverage

I am trying to avoid writing on national news. Nonetheless, I’ve been either watching or listening to Senate impeachment trial nearly every spare minute, the same way many Americans were glued to the television over the drama of the Nixon impeachment proceedings in the House half a century ago. I’ve been listening to the live audio on KSFC 91.9 FM. From elsewhere one can stream the coverage at (It tends to start at 10AM PST.)

Hours following the day’s proceedings I receive an email entitled Letters from an American that summarizes the trial events. Written daily by Heather Cox Richardson, a Professor of History at Boston College, these emails summarize the events and put them in the context of history.

I urge you to click: . Once at that webpage simply type in the email address at which you wish to receive the email. Or click “Let me read it first” to see the last several postings. They are well worth the time spent. Share widely.

We are at a cross-roads in our history. Fox News, Mr. Trump and his enablers want the American public to tune out, to pre-judge, to speed through this trial without witness testimony. Seventy percent of Americans in several recent polls believe witnesses need to be subpoenaed and heard. Are Republican Senators, required to sit at their desks in the Senate for the first time in years, actually listening? Will the history of these events be written by Trump’s propagandists or by historians like Ms. Richardson? This trial and the November elections will be determinative.

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Keep to the high ground,