Check Your Vote!

If you are a Washington resident and a frequent reader of this column it is likely that you have already received your November 3 General Election ballot, filled it out, and either mailed it in or deposited it in one of the official drop boxes. If you’ve done all that you are not quite done, though, until you’ve gone to  to confirm, by clicking the “Ballot Status” tab, that your ballot has been received as “Accepted.” Washington State’s system of mail-in voting offers us this opportunity for peace of mind. Use it. (The alternative web address takes you to the same place as Memorize one of them.)

If you are a registered voter in Washington and haven’t received your ballot yet there is something definitely wrong. Call (for Spokane County) 509-477-2320 or, better, put on your mask and visit the Spokane County Elections Office. Start here for guidance on addresses and what to bring:
Not registered? You can still do that there, too.

Questions on this tracking step? Check out: “Wondering if your ballot’s been counted? Here’s how to track it in Washington and Idaho” from The Spokesman. 

Why take this extra step? See: “What if your ballot hasn’t arrived? Take your cue from this Liberty Lake woman

And here’s some debunking of election angst for Washington voters by Jim Camden of the Spokesman: “Hackers unlikely to cancel your vote with replacement ballot. Here’s how the elections office prevents it” 

Today make it a point to talk up the election with like-minded friends and suggest they check their Ballot Status, too. You just might find someone who has not yet voted.

Many of us feel this is likely to be the most consequential election of our lifetimes. I certainly feel that way. Let’s do our part and be sure we get it right.

Keep to the high ground,