Migration of Indivisible

Indivisible–The High Ground has migrated to Substack from Mailchimp. Last Wednesday there were scattered reports (via “Reply” emails) that regular recipients of the Indivisible email did not find the copy sent from Substack anywhere in their email, that is, not in Junk, Spam, or Promo folders either.

Here’s the way Substack suggests to convince the internet system that the Substack-sent email isn’t spam :

Click:  https://jerrysindivisible.substack.com/account/email-test, enter your email and follow the directions and suggestions found there. (When I did this with one of my email addresses, the Substack-sent email appeared in my Junk folder.) One other option is to simply re-signup either with the same or a different email address at  https://jerrysindivisible.substack.com.

Let me know how it goes. I apologize that this process isn’t as smooth as I had hoped. Lesson learned: Email delivery, especially from large mailing lists, is never a sure thing. 

Keep to the high ground,

P.S. Today’s email from Substack should appear as from “Jerry LeClaire” with a Subject line “Indivisible-WA Public Disclosure Commission-F” It should arrive in your inbox at around 5AM, Friday, March 26. If you go to  https://jerrysindivisible.substack.com you should see it second from the top.