Tucker Carlson’s Culpability

I try to concentrate on the politics and civics of eastern Washington. Today I make an exception as we gather more details of the Club Q massacre (hereand here) and new mass shootings become daily news. Tucker Carlson, thanks to Fox News and to internet distribution of his tripe, is present in many a living room in our home state. I encourage you to click “Read More” in the box below and read Doug Porter’s “Words and Deeds” on Tucker Carlson’s contribution to the pervasive violence from which we all suffer.

Words & Deeds

Tucker Carlson’s Lies Are Killing People

Huh? The result of the killing of five people in Colorado at a LGBTQ+ friendly establishment is a First Amendment question, you say? So it’s those who have been repeating lies and suggesting violence who are under attack. That’s right; you told your audience the bigots are…

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3 days ago · Doug Porter

I’m indebted to one of my readers for flagging Mr. Porter’s Substack email to me. I’ve signed up. See you Monday.

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