A Guide to Voters’ Guides for the Rational Voter

Do your homework, fill out your ballot, and turn it in this weekend!

In my opinion the best positive voting guide is the progressivevotersguide.orgpublished by FUSE Washington. It provides reasoned recommendations for most of what might appear on your ballot anywhere in Spokane County (where I have studied it carefully) and beyond. Its limitation is that it doesn’t extend to recommendations for every small town and school board election, some of which, especially school boards, have highly contested and important races. Following my High Ground sign-off below I once again share the expanded recommendations of Petra Hoy.

NEGATIVE Voting Guides

There are three voting guides covering Spokane County that serve well to point out people for whom you probably do NOT want to cast a vote. All three might be useful for you to explore as you contemplate your choices. 

ONEThe Spokane GOP endorsements (aka those of the Spokane County Republican Party) found here: https://www.spokanegop.com/ are a good NEGATIVE guide. Last December the SpokaneGOP took a hard right turnand promptly went itself off the rails. The endorsement committee of the SpokaneGOP is now led by Rob Linebarger, notable for his extremism cloaked in his particular conception of Christianity. Consider this quote from the endorsement webpage stating the SpokaneGOP’s Mission:

to promote good government by Getting Republicans Elected at all levels, Support them, and Hold Them Accountable” once elected. The first step in this Mission is the process to either recruit, evaluate, and vett [sic] quality candidates who are challenging or running for an open seat or engage incumbents, evaluate their performance, and determine if further support is deserved.

Whoa! We support you and you will adhere to party ideology or we will replace you! That is a level of authoritarian-speak worthy of the Inquisition, not an American political party, especially one that elsewhere professes a “Big Tent” inclusiveness.

TWO: We Believe We Vote found here: https://webelievewevote.com/ . We Believe We Vote has a new director who has declared WBWV is a “ministry” (see “Notes” here), not a political PAC. As a result WBWV no longer reports to the Public Disclosure Commission, its donors are not named, and it insists that donors may claim an income tax deduction. Be sure to check out the “Core Beliefs and Position” under the “ABOUT” tab and click “VIEW SURVEY RESPONSES” for those candidates who filled out the survey. 

THREE: The Family Policy Institute of Washington Action (FPIWAction)’s recommendations for school board candidates available hereare also useful as a NEGATIVE guide. (For POSITIVE recommendations see below.) FPIW “is holding forums around the state to inform parents on what is really happening the Washington Education system.” These are called “Crises in Education Forums”. On the FPIW website a little digging will take you to a resource guide under “Education” that spells out “Inappropriate School Library Books” and a how-to guide to get them banned; the imagined horrors of Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE); and Resources on “Gender Theory”, including a guide written by Christopher Rufo. As a bonus, take note that FPIW recently acquired a new Executive Director, Pastor Brian Noble, who stepped down from his chairmanship of the SpokaneGOP to join FPIW. 

Do your homework, fill out your ballots, and turn them in. 

Keep to the high ground,


Expanded Recommendations:

School board races are particularly fraught—and often challenging to research. The recommendations listed below for many of the school board contests in eastern Washington were assembled from a variety of sources by public school advocates led by Petra Hoy. (The municipal candidates recommended below are almost entirely in agreement with the Progressive Voters Guide. They are presented again as a bonus.)

Spokane County Candidates 2023

City of Spokane

Mayor: Lisa Brown Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 10.8.2023

Spokane City Council 

President: Betsy WilkersonVoters Guide  Spokesman Review 10.11.2023

District 1: Lindsey Shaw  Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 9.29.2023

District 2: Paul Dillon Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 9.25.2023

District 3: Kitty Klitzke Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 9.18.2023

Cheney City Council

Position 2: Rebecca Long  Voters Guide Spokesman Review 10.10.2023

Position 6: Jacquelyn Belock  Voters Guide Spokesman Review 10.10.2023

City of Liberty Lake

Mayor: Cris Kaminskas  Voters Guide

Liberty Lake City Council

Position 1: Linda M Ball  Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 9.15.2023

Position 3: Dan Dunne   Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 8.25.2023

Position 4: Travis Scott  Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 10.10.2023

Position 5:     Annie Kurtz Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 9.21.2023

Position 6: Michael Hamblet  Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 9.20.2023

Position 7: Teresa Tapao-Hunt  Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 9.12.2023

Spokane Valley City Council

Position 6: Tim Hattenburg  Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 2023  Spokesman Review 6.4.23  Spokesman Review 9.17.2023

Spokane Valley Fire Department

Commissioner #5: George Orr  Voters Guide  

Spokane County Water District 

Commissioner #3:  Mary Wissink Voters Guide


Central Valley School District 

Director, District 1: Cindy McMullen  Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 9.11.2023

Director, District 3: Debra L Long  Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 9.24.2023

Director, District 4: Keith Clark  Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 9.20.2023

Cheney School District

Director, District 2:   Elizabeth Winer  Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 10.9.2023

Director, District 3:  Henry C. Browne Jr.  Voters Guide  

Director District 4:  John Boerger Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 9.29.2023

Director District 5:  Mitch Swenson  Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 9.30.2023

Mead School Board 

District 2:  Denny Denholm Voters Guide Spokesman Review 9.10.2023  Spokesman Review 9.28.2023

District 3: Jaime Stacy Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 9.18.2023

District 4:  David Knaggs Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 9.10.2023

Spokane School Board District 81

Director Position 5:  Mike Wiser  Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 2023 Spokesman Review 9.26.2023

Nine Mile Fall School District

Director Position 3:  Kirsten Foose  Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 9.23.2023

Medical Lake School District

District 2:  Alexis Alexander  Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 10.6.2023

District 3:  Laura Elliot Parsons  Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 10.4.2023

District 4:  Ron Cooper Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 9.26.2023

Deer Park School District

District 5  Eric Keller  Voters Guide  Spokesman Review 9.22.2023



District 3 Jim Cannon Voters Guide


Director At Large #4  Thomas (Chip) Johnson  Voters Guide

[District 3 Write-in candidate Debbie Stewart, recommended by a respected reader of The High Ground who is familiar with the race.]


Kennewick School District 17

Director 3 Michael Connors Voters Guide

Director 5  Lisa Peppard  Voters Guide

Richland School District 400

Director No. 3  Chelsie Beck  Voters Guide

Director Nol 4   Katrina Waters Voters Guide

Director No. 5  Jill Oldson  Voters Guide



Director District #2  Aurora Flores  Voters Guide



Director, District 3  Maria Antonia R. Erickson  Voters Guide