The Great Flood–with updated link

A fascinating and pertinent piece of Spokane’s and eastern Washington’s geological history

When this went out earlier this morning the link in the video failed. Here’s a workable link:

No, we’re not talking about Noah’s Flood, although I suppose there are some who might wish to see this bit of fascinating geology through that lens. Instead, the topic here is forces of water that shaped much of the land we live on as well as the downstream “scablands” of central Washington. The story is pertinent because it is intimately interconnected with underground water resources upon which our region depends.

This Friday evening (February 2) at Hamilton Studios (see flyer and video below) Tim Connor, local journalist, photographer, and storyteller offers a multimedia presentation recounting this geologic history and the story of J. Harlen Bretz, the geologist who, working out of Spokane, put all the clues together in the early 1920s.

Since early last year Tim Connor has been using his understanding of local geology and his work in journalism to chronicle the evolving saga of PFAS (“forever chemical”) contamination of West Plains private wells. He writes on Substack under “Rhubarb Salon”. His work on the West Plains saga is available here. His posts are in depth and engaging, a fascinating, evolving story.

For more about this Friday’s presentation click here.

I urge you to click on this video image and watch (it literally just takes a minute)

February 2, 2024
6:00PM – 9:00PM

Hamilton Studio
1427 W Dean Ave,
Spokane, WA 99201


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